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Murach’s Java Programming (5th Edition)

This is our latest Java book that teaches the essentials you need to know to develop any Java program. It covers up through Java 9, but because Java is a very stable language that’s backwards-compatible, this edition will work for you whether you’re using an earlier or a subsequent release. It teaches how to program Java using an IDE; the book itself illustrates the use of NetBeans, but all the supporting files are available for Eclipse too. It works for beginners, but also offers a lot of depth and breadth for experienced programmers. And by the end, you'll have all the skills you need to go on to web or mobile programming with Java.

Beginning Java with Eclipse and Beginning Java with NetBeans

We have two Beginning Java books – one for Eclipse, one for NetBeans – that cover up through Java 8. They have a slightly slower pace than the Java Programming book above. And they have a lot less coverage of certain topics, especially when it comes to GUI and database handling. Still, one of them could be the right choice if you’re just getting started with Java.

Murach’s Java Servlets and JSP (3rd Edition)

Our Java Servlets and JSP book builds on your core Java skills to teach you one way to do web programming with Java. There are other options available today, but Servlets/JSP is the classic approach that you’ll often find in companies that have invested heavily in Java over the years.

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